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Puzzle Block 1

4.2 ( 8272 ratings )
Spil Brætspil Puslespil

The goal is to drag the blocks and try to fill the grid by moving with lines horizontally and vertically. This game contains a great variety of puzzles that will make you enjoy with various degrees of difficulty.

Its time to put aside the hypocrisy and spend an exciting time and hooked playing this puzzle game. It is a casual game, in the classic style.

The rules are very simple, you simply have to create the mosaic with the correct order, at the beginning of the level, study the screen to then drop and drop to put the pieces by the row or column to choose the correct order. 360 degree movement of the board is allowed. Use the spin buttons to create motion effects. The limits you put, adjust the limit of difficulty that best suits the years you have.

It is a separate point as far as block games are concerned. You can easily control your mechanics completely, but you will need support from friends or family to complete all the grids of the game.

All your problems will disappear while you are playing with this amazing, colorful and funny game. Move from room to room quickly and get the best score on the leaderboard. Of course, before becoming a legend you must train and destroy each challenge.

Playing is fun, addictive. Not to worry that you can block on some level you can get tips at the end of levels to get help.

The characteristics of Brain Training - Puzzle Block 1 are:
- Easy to play but difficult to master.
- Intuitive and simple control.
- Attractive for sight with graphics with colors and shapes
- Pleasant for the ear with sounds and soft for the five senses.
- No need to connect to Wifi.
- Hours of fun.

Thanks for playing!